Alternative Provision Beauty

Developing Excellence Through beauty

Programme Overview

At The Leadership Foundation, our mission is to build a learning community where every learner thrives through sport. We are committed to promoting equity, empathy, collaboration, respect, personalised learning, inclusion, early intervention, lifelong learning, advocacy, and resilience.


At beauty school we  open up a world of creativity and self-expression. Through workshops and classes, children can learn various beauty techniques such as makeup application, hairstyling, nail art, and skincare. These hands-on experiences not only foster artistic skills but also boost confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, beauty school  invites industry professionals as guest speakers, offering children valuable insights into the beauty industry and potential career paths. 


By providing alternative provision in beauty, schools can empower children to explore their passions, develop new skills, and ignite their imagination in a fun and supportive environment.


Admission Criteria:


Age range 13- 16 

This programme targets learners that may have social, emotional behavioural differences. Learners that are interested in Beauty Therapy. Learners that will thrive from developing independence and leadership skills.Referrals take from schools, parents/carers and the local authority. Inquire via email for a referral form.


External Validation:

Beauty Therapy body awards in, Foundation, Treatment & Knowledge, Laws & Procedures, Client Care.

Accredited Courses:

ABT Beauty Therapy Awards, Foundation, Treatment & Knowledge, Laws & Procedures, Client Care

Programme Duration:

The programme is all year round. Learners can join at any time within the academic year.


Transport organisation is available at an additional cost.

Lunch, drinks and snacks are available at an additional cost.

Learners are provided with equipment, Leadership Foundation Industry Beauty clothing.




Designated Safeguarding Leads with up-to date continued training,

Safeguarding Policy,
Members of the Norfolk Safeguarding Board,

Safe learning environment




Initial sign up fee@ £60, (For Leadership Foundation Beauty Therapy attire)

Cost per day per student: £100

Cost for 2 days per student £180

Cost per day per students for 1:1: £300

Cost for 2 days per student for 1:1 £560

Price on request for more than 2 days a week